You know you’re in law school when…

  1. SOL stands for ‘statute of limitations’ and ‘shit out of luck’ is merely the short-version meaning of ‘statute of limitations’
  2. Alcohol becomes more important than food
  3. Highlighters are more important than shampoo
  4. You start nitpicking the meaning of every word on the restaurant menu
  5. Logical fallacies on the web bother you even more than they used to
  6. You have finals flashbacks when you watch The Hunger Games
  7. Dean Winchester’s torture in Hell reminds you of your Con Law professor’s teaching methods
  8. You wish the Doctor would pick you up in the TARDIS so you have more time to get your reading and outlining done before finals
  9. You wish Hannibal would have the class gunners over for dinner
  10. You start analyzing the clauses in Bilbo’s contract with the dwarves (like this guy did)
  11. You’ve said “I could totally get that guy acquitted” when you watch crime dramas
  12. You want to strangle undergrads who complain about their exams
  13. You’ve stopped yourself from punching someone in the face by thinking of the bar’s character and fitness review
  14. When someone says “supplements,” you think of books, not vitamins
  15. You’ve caught yourself saying, “Yay! Only 50 pages of reading for tomorrow!”

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